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Genealogical table for the House of Andlau

Arbre généalogique de la Maison d'Andlau

The Andlau are an Alsatian noble family known from the high middle ages, Rodolph I died sometime after 1208. Andlau castle is a prominent landmark in Alsace located in the Vosges between the cities of Selestat and Obernai. The site and family are associated from the very early Middle Ages with the famous Abbey of Hohenburg at Mt St. Odile. As such this area in Alsace always played a part in local politics and those nobles who protected the Abbey were players to be reckoned with.

In my researches on the family tree I have found a great deal of information on the family covering many separate branches through nearly 800 years of continuous family history. The House of Andlau exists to this day, a very remarkable achievement. In working the chart on the other hand, I found it impossible to trace each branch in the space I have allotted myself. Those branches left off are indicated by blue arrows on the chart and my complete notes including all branches (for which I have information) are found in the "PDF Input Notes" link.

Arbre généalogique de la Maison d'Andlau

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