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Genealogical table for the House of Ferrette, counts of Ferrette, Sundgau

Arbre généalogique de la Maison de Ferrette, Comtes de Ferrette en Sundgau

I present here a genealogy chart for the Ferrette Family of southern Alsace, (Ferrette County). The family controlled the county in Alsatian Sundgau for a little over 200 years before going extinct. Jeanne, the last Ferrette married Albert II of the Hapsburgs and therefore the title "count of Ferrette" passed into the Hapsburg family. This lasted until the end of the 30-years war with the Hapsburgs ceding their title "count of Ferrette" to Louis XIV of France. Louis gave the county cardinal Mazarin as an appreciation for service. From there the county passed on until coming into the hands of Monaco. While France recognizes no claim of Monaco to lands in Alsace, the title "count of Ferrette" remains.

For this chart I have not traced the title lineage beyond cardinal Mazarin.

Additionally, there exists a second nobel family called Ferrette. This branch appears in history at about the time of Ulrich III (d 1324), with the same nobel status, family name and in the same region of Sundgau as the principle family. This family is no relation to the counts of Ferrette but were ministerials to the main family.

Finally, there is the matter concerning Hildegarde, comtesse de Ferrette. She appears in history some 100 years PRIOR to the first mention of the house of Ferrette. Most references start the title with Frédéric I c Ferrette (d1160), son of Thierry de Mousson/Montbéliard, son of Louis I de Mousson/Montbéliard son of Richwin count of Scarpone, d >1028. Généalogical references generally assume Hildegard is simply the countesse of Ferrette without reference, and thus state (assume?) that Hugues I of Eguisheim, comte de Nordgau acquired (or may have acquired) the title from her by marriage. They remain silent as to what Hugues did with the title thereafter.

I have located two older references: Études historiques sur l’ancienne Lorraine, Volume 1 par Victor de Saint-Mauris, 1861 et Des Antiquités de la maison de France et des maisons mérovingienne et Carlienne par Gilbert-Charles Le Gendre, 1739. Each reference specifically titles Hugues as comte de Ferrette and Hildegarde receives the title comtesse de Ferrette from Hugues by marriage, to me a more logical solution. This would seem to leave county Ferrette in Eguisheim hands following Eberhard IV, Hugues II, Hugues IV and finally to Hildegarde of Eguisheim who married Richwin, count of Scarpone. All suggesting that Richwin in fact received the title from Hildegarde of Eguisheim by marriage. County Ferrette detached from the counts of Eguisheim and became dependant to the counts of Scarpone/Mousson/Montbéliard at that time. Just a hypothesis...

Arbre généalogique de la Maison de Ferrette

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