Castles of Alsace / Châteaux d'Alsace

The following map and list includes 95 castles/châteaux that may be found and possibly visited in Alsace. (Some are private and/or considered too dangerous and are thus not available for visiting). This list is probably less that half the total number that were built during the middle ages in Alsace, but they are the ones that still exist, more or less intact. Of the listed castles, 65 are to be found in the mountains more or less in a state of ruins. Another 28 are more properly called castles on the plains. Of these fewer remain, even in ruins, to be visited. In general these structures were incorporated into growing towns and were either transfomed into civic buildings, or cleared to make room for civic buildings. Others were quarried for stone and/or cleared for cultivation. A quick glance at the chart at right suggests that the 13th and 14th centuries saw the most activity in castle construction.

One reason for the incredible density of castles in this region was that land ownership was much more subdivided than most areas of kingdom or empire. Even in Alsace the castle density in the north is much higher than in the south where there were only a couple of dominant owners.

Data for the list was obtained from numerous sources, books, and from the web. As always with information of this sort, dates and founders are not always reliable and all must be taken with a libral dose of salt. I have assembled a pretty good library of french books on Alsatian castles and hope I have made a good start. Any errors are my own.

Castles of Alsace / Châteaux d'Alsace

Châteaux de montaigne				
name			date	who  1st		
Andlau 			c1250 	sires de Andlau		
Bernstein 		XII	Eguisheim			1227	Evêque de Strasbourg
Bilstein-Aubure		1217	Duc de Lorraine / Horbourg	1324	Wurtemburg
Birkenfels 		1262	famille de Berger vassaux de l'Evêque de Strasbourg		
Dabo			934	Eguisheim-Dabo		
Dagsbourg			Eguisheim			1251	Evêque de Strasbourg
Dreistein 		XIII	? Evêque de Strasbourg		
Échéry 			1250	Duc de Lorraine / Échéry	f XIII	Ribeaupierre / Hattstatt
Engelbourg		XI	Eguisheim ?			1234	Ferrette
Ferrette 		1105	Comtes de Ferrette		1271	Evêque de Bâle / Ferrette
Fleckenstein 		1174	Hohenstaufen / Fleckstein		
Frankenbourg 		XII	Hohenstaufen / Frankenbourg -> Werd		
Freudeneck 		1301	sires de Dicka		
Freundstein		1297	 Evêque de Strasbourg / Abbaye de Murback / Freundstein		
Frœnsbourg 		1269	sires de Froenbourg		
Girsberg 		~1250	Ribeaupierre			1304	cheveliers de Girsberg
Grand-Geroldseck 	1120	sires de Geroldseck avoués de Marmoutier		
Greifenstein 		1156	Evêque de Strasbourg / famille de Greifenstein  eventual Oschenstein		
Guirbaden 		XII	Eguisheim			1162	Hohenstaufen
Hagelschloss 		~1200	? Abbaye de Hohenbourg		
Haguenack		~1230	 Evêque de Strasbourg / Haguenack		
Haut-Kœnigsbourg 	1147	Hohenstaufen			1267	Rathsamhausen / Werd
Haut-Ribeaupierre 	1254	Evêque de Bamberg - Evêque de Bâle / Ribeaupierre		
Herrenstein 		XI-XIII	Eguisheim / sires de Herrenstein		
Hohbarr 		XI	Evêque de Strasbourg		
Hohenack 		XI	Eguisheim			1182	Ferrette
Hohenbourg 		XIII	Hohenstaufen			1236	Puller - sires de Hohenbourg - Fleckstein
Hohenfels 		1293	sires de Ettendorf		
Hohenstein 		1226	famille de Hohenstein vassaux ? De Eguisheim		
Hohlandsbourg 		1279	Habsbourg / Gundolsheim / Ribeaupierre / Lupfen		
Hugstein 		1230	Abbaye de Murbach		
Kaysersberg 		1220	Hohenstaufen / Woelflin		1250	Evêque de Strasbourg
Kintzheim 		1250	Hohenstaufen / Rathsamhausen		
La Petite-Pierre 	f XII	Eguisheim / sires de Petite-Pierre		
la Roche 		1178	Dreistein			1371	Rathsamhausen
Landsberg 		1200	Hohenstaufen / Hohenburg		
Landskron 		XIII	chevaliers de Munch - Vitzum - Evêque de Bâle / Ferrette		
Lichtenberg 		XIII	Evêque de Strasbourg / Lichtenberg		
Lœwenstein 		1276	Hohenstaufen			1282	Ochenstein
l'Ortenbourg 		1260	Habsbourg		
Lutzelbourg 		1076	Eguisheim			1196	Hohenstaufen / Lutzelbourg
Lutzelhardt 		1236	Lutzelhardt		
Morimont 		XIII	Ferrette / sires de Morimont		
Nideck 			1200	(sires de Nideck?) fief de l'Evêque de Strasbourg		
Ochsenstein 		f XII	Ochenstein (issues de Geroldseck)		
Petit-Arnsberg 		14th c	sires de Wasigenstein		1316	Abbaye de Wissembourg
Petit-Geroldseck 	1349	sires de Geroldseck en fief de Metz		
Petit-Ringelstein 	?1347	sires de Ringelstein		
Pflixbourg 		1212	Hohenstaufen / Woelflin		1276	Hattstatt - Ferrette
Ramstein (Bas-Rhin) 	1293	Nassau / Ochenstein		
Ringelstein 		1347	sires de Ringelstein		1228	Evêque de Strasbourg
Saint-Ulrich 		X	Ribeaupierre - Hohenstaufen	1284	Evêque de Bâle / Ribeaupierre
Salm 			1205	Comte de Salm		
Schœneck 		1144	sires de Ettendorf		
Spesbourg 		XIII	sires de Dicka		
Vieux-Windstein 	1147	Hohenstaufen			1205	famille de Windstein
Wahlenbourg			Eguisheim			1251	Evêque de Strasbourg
Wangenbourg 		XIII	sires de Wangen vassaux de Dicka		
Wasenbourg 		1273	Evêque de Strasbourg / Lichtenberg		
Wasigenstein 		XIII	sires de Wasigenstein		1359	Puller - Fleckstein - Froenbourg
Weckmund 		XIII	Vaudémont			1251	Evêque de Strasbourg
Wildenstein		f13d14	Ferrette			1324	Habsbourg
Wineck  (nord)		13-14	sires de Ettendorf		
Wineck 			1200	Eguisheim			1225	Ferrette
Wittschloessel 		13th c	sires de Lichtenberg		
Châteaux de plaine	
Asswíller 		1202	Chevaliers de Lutzelstein							
Bischwiller		XI	Evêque de Strasbourg							
Breuscheck		?								
Breuschwickersheim	XIII	Evêque de Strasbourg								
Butenheim	 	1064	Habsbourg							
Diedendorf	 	1577	Lauenstein							
Domfessel 		1330	Sarrewerden							
Dossenheim-Sur-Zinsel	XIII	Herrenstein								
Geudertheim	 	?X	Evêque de Metz et Hanau-Lichtenberg							
Gueberschwíhr	 		Evêque de Strasbourg							
Hartmannswíller		XIV	Evêque de Strasbourg							
Hunawihr		1114	Abbaye de Saint Die		XIII	sires de Horbourg				
Jungholtz		1259	Evêque de Strasbourg							
Kochersberg	 	1261	Evêque de Strasbourg							
Liebenstein		XII	Ferrette							
Lorentzen	 	1328	Sarrewerden							
Mittelhausen 		XIII	Chevaliers de l'Empire							
Niederstirizel		XII	Chevaliers de Wangen		XIII	Geroldseck				
Orschwihr		XII	Evêque de Strasbourg							
Osthoffen	 	1351	Evêque de Strasbourg							
Osthouse	 	XIV	Zorn de Bulach							
Saint-Rémy	 	1325	Abbaye de Wissembourg							
Scharrachbergheim	12-13c	Scharrach-Ochenstein		1454	Lichtenberg					
Schiltigheim	 	1363	Lichtenstein							
Steinbrunn-le-Bas	1101	Habsbourg								
Thanvillé	 	1089	Eguisheim-Dabo			1419	Rathsamhausen			
Weckenthal	 	XV	Wattwiller			1457	Freundstein			
Wolfisheim	 	XIII	Lichtenstein

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