From Samuel Arriaga of Spain

El Aguila Negra Beer Label

El Aguila Negra, from a closed brewery in the north of Spain, (Asturias, Spain's Celtic area). Samuel writes that this was a dark transparent beer with a good taste, also that now spanish collectors would kill to have such a label! Hmmm, I will settle for this fine scan..
Amstel Beer Label

Aguila Amstel, Amstel's mark in Spain. Samuel sends this scan as I have a lot of Amstel labels, so now I begin to have a sub-collection of Amstel labels worldwide.
Samuel Arriaga is contributing to this page with these fine scans and notes which I have paraphrased here. Samuel is spanish but is now attending university in Toulouse, France. His forwarding email, ( has failed me on several attempts at a personal reply.. so Sam, if you read this send me a note with the right return! Until then, my sincere thanks for the scans.


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KJ Smith