More from John Morse in Belgium

Orval Beer Label

Says John:
This is my favorite, as much for the taste as for the gracefully bulbous brown bottle with this sleek band. The graphics have a real 1930's or 40's flair which I really dig. The beer itself, one of the six Trappist beers produced under the supervision of the monks and profiting only their missions, is a golden-orange color with a strong bitter taste. The fish on the label is from a local legend about a princess whose lost ring was found by a trout, requiring her to keep her promise to God to build a monastery. The monks are not keen to expand their operation, so make sure to try it when you have the opportunity.

Trappistes Rochefort Beer Label

Says John:
This is another Trappist beer, shown in two strengths. There is also a 12 degree version I haven't risked yet. These beers are typically complex and demanding. Rich and dark in color with thick heads. This is, I believe, the smallest Trappist brewery.
John Morse contribes to this page with these fine scans and notes. I do not know if he trades labels but you might give him a try at: John, my sincere thanks for the scans.


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