From Toby "TUBS" Archibald hailing from New Zealand

Steinlager Beer Label

"Steinlager: Well what can i say, it's just like the label says, "New Zealand's Finest Beer" respected as such all over New Zealand, except in Speight's country (DEEP South). An extremely refreshing beer, but it must not, at any cost be drunken out of a can that would be sacrilage! Only bottles for this beer!"

Light Ice Beer Label

"Light Ice is a very fruity beer, not bad, if u like low alcohol beer. Perfect for when u arn't looking to get plastered, or u are the sober driver for the night."

"Hi my name's Toby "TUBS" Archibald and i hail from New Zealand. Upon looking at your beer label collection fo a project at school, i realised that u were seriously lacking in the NZ beer stakes so here is one label 4 u , i hope u can get (see attachments) it is one of a few i will send u."

Toby, I definately got the attachments and I thank you very much for your fine contribution to this page. For those wishing to contact Toby with questions or labels to trade, he may be reached at My sincere thanks for the scans.


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KJ Smith