From Eve Kolakowska & Tadeusz Swat in Poland

Zywiec beer label

A special treat from Eve Kolakowska and Tadeusz Swat in Poland:
"My name is Eve Kolakowska and my friend's name is Tadeusz Swat. We are Polish. Looking for images of beer labels some time ago we found your WWW-page. We really liked it. It was a great pleasure to read your stories and watch fantastic pictures. So we decided to contribute to your Web-page. In particular we like beer very much and Tadeusz collects beer labels as well. Now some words about us. We practice hiking (long distances) and this description below is about our mock foot-marathon last year. It was 55 kilometers long. Imagine flavor and taste of the beer in that situation, remembering that "Zywiec" is one of the best Polish beers.

Here's our story in html format"
It was just the fortieth kilometer of the march in the September heat. Maybe even more than the fortieth... We hiked sharply by the Kampinoska Forest tracks, sandy, as it is well known, windy, or boring straight. There was a draft from the swamps, warmed up by the sun, humid and heavy, stuffy. The forest smelt of mushrooms. We passed on our way places where old inns were situated centuries ago. They had nice and inviting names like Niepust, Karczmisko, Pociecha, Dupne. Our throats were drying up more and more by each of these spots, but there was still about seven or perhaps six kilometers to reach the nearest village. Everyone had dreams of the grocery, even the most trashy, but with beer. But let somebody find grocery in the forest...!
Finally we reached the forest's end and beginning of a village, which was quite big and with grocery, of course. And so it was. I remember the flavor of the beer "Zywiec" up to this day, coldness of the frosted bottle, real joy on our faces and growing rapidly will to continue the march. We hiked still a pretty fifteen kilometers.
"Zywiec" on the finish, in Leszno, didn't taste so good as that one, in that village.
If you want get to know that flavor - you know what to do..."

Tadeusz collects and trades labels from many places and may be reached by email at: My very special thanks to Eve & Tadeusz for the great label scan and the great story. It is such a pleasure.


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KJ Smith