A Vintage Steinite

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Steinite standard from the mid-1920's. This set has lost its decal but not its classic look. It has a good condition enclosed crystal detector which works very well, binding and phone posts and labels in the typical Steinite lettering. Six taps on the interior spider-web coil and a mica and brass plate "book-style" condenser complete the tuning of this unit. Inside all the components are original with original soldering. It is unfortunate that the condenser is not working as expected. Peering in between the coil tap wires I can see what appears to be 3 or 5 brass plates separated by mica dielectrics. The tuning dial on top turns a shaft with a small cam that alternately compresses the plates together and lets them spring apart. I can see only the outside plate returning to its open position when the cam is open, the others remain compressed so the variation in capacitance is minimal. Well, I can enjoy one station. In fact the tuning is very broad so when "running" the radio has two or more stations competing for my attention. Well, its lovely just the same.

The following photos show the set and its interior.

Portrait of the Steinite set

Circuit as best I can make out

The spiderweb coil with vintage cloth-covered wires, taps and wireing.

A peek, such as it is, at the set condensers and cam tuning assembly.


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