Wavetrap, a useful gadget

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This little gadget is most handy for crunching those local behemoths that always seem to be directing their strongest signals right in your direction. My wave trap is a bit of a combination of 1) Osterhoudt's QRM coil, 2) a design I found online on Owen Pool's excellent web site, and 3) a bit of my own seeing as how I had some, but not all of the ingredients needed from both traps. That is, I used what I found in the junk box.

The trap is formed on a stiff cardboard paper core with 1 1/4 inch outside diameter. On this I drilled holes for winding the tank coil, 110 turns of #30 awg enameled wire. Both Poole and Osterhoudt recommend #32, but 30 is what I had. Over this I would a coupling coil, 15 turns space wound of #22 awg enameled wire. Tuning of the tank is completed with a 410 pF var cap.

Tuning is sharp and deep, it takes a bit of getting used to, but then, schezzam!!!.. problem station gone! I luv it.

Wave Trap


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