Pacific Ocean from 10,000 meters

Pacific Ocean

On many travels to and from China I sit for hours on a big 747 making the Pacific passage. Sometimes flying north of the Artic Circle I see the midnight sun, other times flying the north Pacific in search of the best tail winds. Stewardesses on these flights always seek to have all window shades lowered. Its for the others, its to see the television screens better, its for a thousand reasons except the real one, they wish the passengers to sleep and not be a bother. For me, its always a fight, I like to keep the shades up and see outside, even if there is nothing to see. Often there is. This photo I took on a recent return flight from Beijing when I re-opened my window shade after the sun had safely set. Looking out I was rewarded with a scene of unearthly beauty. Alone on the plane I enjoyed the view and even wrote a small poem:

Pacific Crossing

A lonely plane glides in the night sky
Full moon watching from above
Cottony ocean glowing below
100 windows shut out the night,
except two...

kevin smith

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