Some thoughts..on honesty

* Honest people do NOT need to (re)define commonly understood terms. If you have to redefine a term to make a point, the point is probably false. This is telling the "truth" with the intent to deceive.

* If somebody states "we are all leaders", even if that makes people feel good, he/she has clearly redefined the term leader away from common usage in order to tell a lie.

* The end NEVER justifies the means. Honest people do not tell lies in order to make people feel good.

* Perceptions are extremely important, they are based on commonly understood, and therefor correct, definitions and usage's of words as well as experience with the speaker.

* If an audience perceives that a speaker has an unspoken agenda, it's usually because the speaker has an unspoken agenda.

* Liars often turn out to be responsibility avoiders as well, therefor it is difficult for liars to be true leaders.

* Honest people are consistent in their actions and beliefs, they have little to hide. Liars have much to hide which usually leads to inconsistent behavior.

* If people do not trust somebody, you can be sure that that person is not trustworthy.

Kevin Smith 3/97

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