Some thoughts..on Iraq.

An event of little notice took place recently in October of 2006.

All will recall that terrible moment on the 11th of September, 2001 when terrorists directed by Osama bin Laden murdered some 3000 innocent victems to make a trivial point. Nobody got the point.

American president George Bush rightly launched a campaign against bin Laden and his Taliban supporters in Afghanistan to deal with the murderers. Then, apparently to make a trivial point, Bush decided to launch a needless war against Iraq. In the four years since this pointless war began over 3000 coalition solders have died. (The American press dosn't normally keep track of the number of Iraqi lives lost due to this military intervention, nor of non-US coalition force lives either. Apparently the life of a non-american has no value.)

In any case, this last October witnessed, for those who notice, the crossover where the number of Americans murdered by George Bush has exceeded the number murdered by Osama bin Laden. So, George, what is your point?

kj smith 11/2006

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